June 26, 2020 PreacherJP.2004

The Declaration of Praise

The Declaration of Praise


Day 178: The Declaration of Praise

Acts 2:32 (AV)

32 This Jesus hath God raised up, whereof we all are witnesses.  

 In our world are dozens of different kinds of Christianities. Certainly, many of them do not seem to be busy and joyful in proclaiming the unique glories of Jesus Christ as the eternal Son of God. Some brands of Christianity will tell you very quickly that they are just trying to do a little bit of good on behalf of neglected people and neglected causes. Others will affirm that we can do more good by joining in the “contemporary dialogue” than by continuing to proclaim the “old, old story of the cross.” -- A. W. Tozer

When we praise God, we are making a declaration. God provides the framework for our praise, but how we carry that out, well, He gives us creative ability to do so. The framework is the Scripture, and we find our inspiration by the moving of the Holy Spirit within our hearts. That declaration is the framework, that is, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In our day and time, it is very easy to get sidetracked with all the political and social issues facing our country and the world. We forget the command of God via the apostle Paul,

2 Timothy 2:4

4 No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.  

God has a funny way of picking soldiers. He doesn’t pull the biggest, the strongest, the most likeliest candidates. That’s because He has NO NEED for man’s strength. What He needs are witnesses. A declaration is “an expression of facts.” We are called to praise for the facts of a risen, living Christ to a lost and dying world. He picks soldiers that are not “entangled with the affairs of this life.” The term Paul uses for affairs is referring to that which controls the hearts and minds of the people that pull them headlong down the rushing rivers following their course of rebellion against God. Entangled means to get caught in that current.

We’ve taken our eyes off the ball. That’s an old baseball term, you know. One of the first lessons you learn in playing baseball is this, “Keep your eyes on the ball!” Why? Because if you don’t, you’ll get struck out, or get struck in the head! We’ve got our eyes off the eternal reality that God is, and God has said He is coming back, and for those who are not ready to meet Him, He will meet them with vengeance and indignation. Let’s get our eyes back on the ball and get back to doing what we are supposed to be doing. Simply, praising God in our witness of His wondrous works at Calvary and in our lives.