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The Song of the Redeemed

The Song of the Redeemed

03/18/2020 Day 78

Music is a natural law and is common to every culture in every period in history. There is something in our souls that resonates with the harmony of a song. There are some songs you get stuck in your head for days because of a catchy tune or sometimes because it is one of those songs that is annoying. In either case, music is just a part of our human condition. We turn to music for a variety of reasons. Some listen to songs while they work out at the gym or while they are depressed or for happy occasions. Music is played at weddings, at funerals, at sporting events, at inaugurations, at celebrations, etc. Unless the soul resonates with the music, there is no connection. It must reverberate deep within to draw out the emotions that wish to be expressed. Music shows abound the world over today. American Idol, The Voice, America’s Got Talent (or not), X-Factor, etc. One common complaint of the judges with some contestants is that they sing the song without any connection to it. In other words, their hearts just aren’t into it. They are merely singing like a parrot.

This new song in our text is a song that you cannot parrot. It cannot be sung by just anyone. It is exclusive: only the redeemed partake in it. This song is reserved: only for One Person at a particular place in time. It isn’t meant for the world, but for the Worthy One. Unless you have been to Calvary and washed in the blood of the Savior, this song will never resonate with you. This song is spiritual in true fashion. Unless you are born-again, these words will never reverberate from your soul. It is inclusive in its invitation today. Would you be a part of the redeemed? Would you be there when the time comes to give glory, honor, and praise to the Lamb? Then you must be redeemed.

What’s so special about this song?

I. It commemorates the commencement of the earth’s redemption. “Thou art worthy to take the book and open the seals thereof.”

Satan has ruled through the hearts of men since Adam sinned. Sin and death have reigned uncontested (almost). Mankind has given himself over to his evil imaginations and committed abominations both against God and other men, women and children, and creation. Revelation chapter 5 speaks about this sealed book. It represents the title deed to Earth’s Ownership. John searched through all of heaven, among all the angels and redeemed men, and no man was worthy. He searched through all of earth. No man was worthy. As he wept much for sadness, the news came, “John, weep not! The Lamb hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof!” Finally, evil has its end. To the wicked, this news is saddening. It breaks the sinner’s heart to find that all the pleasures of wickedness he has delighted in will be no more. No more self-righteousness. No more, “I’m as good as any Christian and better than some.” No more love of money, love of fame, love of pleasure, love of self, and love of rebellion.

II. It commends the love of God to redeem the unworthy. “And hast redeemed us unto God by thy blood.” God could’ve wiped us all out. Instead, He mercifully came to us and suffered in our place. His blood was shed to pay a debt He did not owe because we owed a debt we could not pay. To the redeemed, this song means everything. We get to see Him there, high and lifted up, proceeding from the Throne of God and taking that book out of the hand of God the Father.


III. It demonstrates His love and purpose for mankind. “Out of every kindred (family), and tongue (language), and people (race), and nation. And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.” Family feuds, language barriers, racial prejudices, imperial wars...all will end. 

What a day that will be! We lost our right to rule this earth for God’s glory! God is not going to allow Satan to thwart His purpose for us to rule and reign to the glory of God.

Will you be singing this song that day?

  Thou Art Coming, O My Savior

Frances Ridley Havergal (1836–1879)

Thou art coming, O my Savior,

Thou art coming, O my King,

In Thy beauty all resplendent,

In Thy glory all transcendent;

Well may we rejoice and sing:

Coming! in the opening east

Herald brightness slowly swells;

Coming! O my glorious Priest,

Hear we not Thy golden bells?

Thou art coming, Thou art coming;

We shall meet Thee on Thy way,

We shall see Thee, we shall know Thee,

We shall bless Thee, we shall show Thee

All our hearts could ever say:

What an anthem that will be,

Ringing out our love to Thee,

Pouring out our rapture sweet

At Thine own all glorious feet.

Thou art coming; at Thy table

We are witnesses for this;

While remembering hearts Thou meetest

In communion clearest, sweetest,

Earnest of our coming bliss,

Showing not Thy death alone,

And Thy love exceeding great;

But Thy coming and Thy throne,

All for which we long and wait.

Thou art coming, we are waiting

With a hope that cannot fail,

Asking not the day or hour,

Resting on Thy Word of power,

Anchored safe within the veil.

Time appointed may be long,

But the vision must be sure;

Certainty shall make us strong,

Joyful patience can endure.

O the joy to see Thee reigning,

Thee, my own beloved Lord!

Every tongue Thy Name confessing,

Worship, honor, glory, blessing

Brought to Thee with glad accord;

Thee, my Master and my Friend,

Vindicated and enthroned;

Unto earth’s remotest end

Glorified, adored, and owned!1

1 Tozer, A. W. Preparing for Jesus’ Return: Daily Live the Blessed Hope. Ed. James L. Snyder. Ventura, CA: Regal, 2012. Print.